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TITLE/AUTHOR: "God Does Make Sense!" By Ted Brooks
PAGE COUNT: 39 Pages/Paperback
YEAR/PUBLISHER: 1997/Testing The Spirits Ministry
Book Reviewer:
Mike Ramey

This is another work from the pen of Pastor Ted Brooks of Victory Life Church in Westlock, Alberta, Canada. He previously authored "I Was A Flaky Preacher", another dynamic work exploring why church leadership 'does what it does' in terms of following movements, rather than asking questions and checking biblical doctrine.

"God Does Make Sense" takes a hard look at those who purport that God cannot be fully explained, nor comprehended by the common believer--a myth which Brooks firmly refutes, based upon scriptural example and some 'down home' common sense.

In this new work, Brooks brings up several of the 'why' behind the ease which people use to 'label' doctrine and explanations in order to better their own consciences, rather than looking at biblical truth. He also covers a few of the items some use to 'trip and trap' unsuspecting believers who may have a firm relationship with Jesus Christ, but cannot adequately explain why God has not acted in a way which they can understand. I especially liked how Brooks handled the subjects of faith, death, and divine healing, making them easy to explain and comprehend.

I first became familiar with Brooks' work on-line several years ago. It was at the Testing The Spirits website where he first started posting chapters of various works. Now, thanks to a growing desire by many people on both sides of the border to 'get to the bottom' of biblical issues, there has been a steady increase in the demand for such clear work. The website is still up, but now is complete with additional information on other subjects.

"God Does Make Sense" has many of its scripture references in the NKJV translation. However, Brooks does go the extra mile by providing some 'down home' explanations of what he has personally encountered as a Pastor and a Christian on some of these soul-probing questions. The work would make a great 'on the go' resource, based upon its page count and compact style. The reader will not be disappointed for making the investment.

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