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TITLE/AUTHOR:"What's Wrong With Black Women" by Monte Maddox
PAGE COUNT: 287 Pages
YEAR/PUBLISHER:2002/1st Books Publishing
Book Reviewer:
Mike Ramey

Years ago, as the story goes, there were two men in one U.S. city who each had their sweethearts break up with them. One man committed suicide. One set his heartbreak to music, and was paid a royalty of $225,000. After reading the book ìWhatís Wrong With Black Women?î by Monte Maddox (2002, 1stBooks Publishing, 287 pages), one would think that HE was the one who set his heartbreak to music, and walked away with the cash.

No, the book is not ëpristine sweetí. It has some profanity in it, which may turn off some readers. However, Maddoxís passion--a hilarious, rousing, and realistic examination of Black Male/Female relationships from the classroom to the pew, will keep you turning the pages.

While Maddox states early that the book is a work of fiction, he clearly takes a stand for the Good Black men that are far too often rendered ëinvisibleí by the sistahhood. Brothers who donít have a lot in their pockets, the best ride, or the latest fashions on their backs. Brothers who GO to school for an education, GO to work to make a honest living, and stay OUT of prison, the dope house, and the streets. In short, Maddox has his keyboard aimed to tell the story of the good brothers that black women canít seem to find, but are always looking for on talk shows and in the mainstream press.

Yes, it is GOING to be controversial. ìWhatís Wrong With Black Women?î is NOT for the man (or woman) unwilling to face the truth about why the brothers who are NORMAL often have the hardest time in not only meeting and dating quality Black women, but why the REAL shortage in society is OF QUALITY BLACK WOMEN. It is also NOT complimentary on the subjects of religion, church, the Bible or domestic violence.

Best quote of the book can be found starting on the bottom of Page 77: ìIf there is one thing that you take away from this book, remember this theme that we have returned to time, and time again: The bad black men of this world have been put upon a pedestal by far too many black womenÖGood black men have no hope or support as long as black women favor the lowest level of the black male speciesÖSistahs! You ought to be ashamedÖ!î

You are NOT going to breeze through this book in one afternoon. Maddox does successfully counter a lot of the myths about the ëlackí of Good Black men available for dating, romance, and marriage that female authors have been churning out for a number of years. Consider ìWhatís Wrong With Black Women?î a reference book above everything else. Single men will refer to it, again and again. Married men may pass it on to their single friends. Itís available on line, or can be obtained through www.1stbooks.com.


Mike Ramey

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