Marketing Your Business Through Networking

Word of mouth is by far the best marketing tool your business can have. Most people are aware of how powerful word-of- mouth advertising is, but few allow it to work for them and their business. Being a good networker, means being prepared and having goals you want to accomplish in your endeavor.

Did you take the time to practice your 30 second commercial?

An effective networker can tell you who they are, what they do, and how you can benefit from their product or service, in 30 seconds.

Did you remember to bring enough business cards, that display the correct address and phone numbers?

An incorrect business card, shows you are either to busy to attend to what should matter, or shows how lazy you are. Your potential clients may view that as how you would treat them, if they gave you the opportunity. Too few business cards, shows you were completely unprepared, there is nothing worse than having to tell a potential client you have no business cards.

Do you know before hand who it is you want to make contact with?

You should already have a feel for who you want to make business connection. Focus in on making a connection with key people who need your product or service.

Did you remember that it's more effective to give two business cards, rather than one?

Always give at least two business cards to the person you are addressing, they'll keep one for themselves, and the other they can pass on, when referring you.

Decide beforehand what your image and your company's image will be. What perception do you want others to have of you?

How you behave in professional and business social settings is an extension of your image. Know your business, products and services and know them well.

Be sure to follow up with everyone you come in contact with as a result of your networking. Utilize the back of each business card that is given to you, to jot down important notes about the person or product. Always be sure to send a thank you note, making sure you include a statement about your business.


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