What will the 21st century bring to the universe and mankind? The past twenty centuries have brought about change, growth, knowledge and modernization through technology. For centuries, man has been seeking the truth about who we are as people, and our relationship to the earth and to the universe. The animals seem to understand it. So do all the elements; that is, earth, wind, fire, and water, as well as all the other planets and stars that make up the universe. But man has yet to understand the complexities of the simple truth. We continuously search for answers to who, what and where God is, when the simple truth is deep inside of us.

The simple truth, no matter what faith or religion we proclaim, is based upon the principles of living, learning and loving. We are living spirits that have taken on the physical body to explore the human experience through learning and loving. All of the trials and errors of this life are to bring us closer to the universal truth of who we are as spiritual beings living in a human body

Imagine if you will, God the all and all, the most powerful Spirit in the universe being like the sun, the largest energy source in the universe. Every particle and ray of sun has the same power as the whole and reaches into every crack and crevice of the universe no matter how small. That's how God is; one powerful Spirit and we're smaller spirits of the Greater Spirit with the same power of words, hearing, healing, giving and loving on an individual scale.

As we live each day our ultimate goal should be to discover or learn our universal truth; the truth of who we are spiritually, mentally, and physically, and the assignment or purpose we've been given by God. Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God books, recorded some of his personal conversations with God. He asked God why we keep making mistakes. God answered him, "In order to know who you are, you have to experience who you are not. To know what you like, you have to experience what you don't like." It's called living the experience and learning from the mistakes to understand your higher self and greater good. Upon discovering your truth and living your truth, unconditional love unfolds right before you. You learn to accept people for who they are no matter what rights or wrongs they are experiencing. You will realize that all are one, connected to the same powerful energy source and all return to that source after completion of the human experience in this physical plane known as earth.

As you begin to discover your truth, your channel of understanding opens and you make the transition from being a one-dimensional thinker and believer to a multi-dimensional thinker and believer. You are able to accept all faiths and religions as intricate parts of the greater life source and higher power, God. Your judgment of others is removed and replaced with acceptance and love, because you now understand that others are experiencing who they are not on their journey to discovering who they are.

During the next millennium, the world will experience a togetherness and oneness like never before, a coming together of nations, families and cultures via technology and spiritual awakening. This shift of consciousness and unlimited thinking will separate the unknowledgeable from the knowledgeable. In order to grow and prosper one must know and live their truth. The truth is knowledge and we all know that Knowledge is Power. Think about it!

by Anfra, author of the inspirational book, You Are My Sister



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by Anfra


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