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March 1, 1994 - Leonard S. Coleman, Jr. elected president of the National Baseball League.

March 2, 1867 - U.S. Congress enacts charter to establish Howard University.

March 3, 1865 - Freeman's Bureau established by federal government to aid newly freed slaves.

March 4, 1965 - Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics honored as NBA most valuable player for fourth time in five years.

March 5, 1770 - Crispus Attucks becomes one of the first casualties of the American Revolution.

March 6, 1857 - U.S. Supreme Court issues Dred Scott decision.

March 7, 1965 - U.S. Supreme Court upholds key provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

March 8, 1977 - Henry L. Marsh III becomes first African American elected mayor of Richmond, Va.

March 9, 1941 - Amistad mutineers freed by U.S. Supreme Court.

March 10, 1913 - Harriet Tubman dies.

March 11, 1959 - Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin In the Sun" opens at Barrymore Theater, New York, the first play by a Black woman to premier on Broadway.

March 12, 1932 - Andrew Young, former U.N. ambassador and former mayor of Atlanta, born.

March 13, 1773 - Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable, black pioneer and explorer, founded Chicago.

March 14, 1965 - Montgomery bus boycott ends when municipal bus service is desegregated.

March 15, 1988 - Eugene Antonio Marino, first Black archbishop, assigned to Atlanta.

March 16, 1846 - Rebecca Cole, second Black female physician in America, born.

March 17, 1885 - William F. Cosgrove patents automatic stop plug for gas and oil pipes. 1890 - Charles B. Brooks patents street sweeper.

March 18, 1822 - The Phoenix Society, a literary and educational group, founded by Blacks in New York City.

March 19, 1971 - Rev. Leon Sullivan elected to board of directors of General Motors.

March 20, 1883 - Jan. E. Matzeliger patents shoe-making machine 1912 - Carter Woodson receives doctorate from Harvard University.

March 21, 1965 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leads march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., for voting rights.

March 22, 1898 - J.W. Smith patents lawn sprinkler.

March 23, 1873 - Slavery abolished in Puerto Rico.

March 24, 1837 - Canada gives African American citizens the right to vote.

March 25, 1843 - Explorer Jacob Dodson sets out in Search of the Northwest Passage.

March 26, 1872 - Thomas J. Martin patents fire extinguisher. 1911 - William H. Lewis becomes U.S. assistant attorney general.

March 27, 1930 - Of the 116,000 African Americans in professional positions, more than two-thirds were teachers or ministers.

March 28, 1870 - Jonathan S. Wright becomes first Black state Supreme Court justice in South Carolina.

March 29, 1898 - W.J. Ballow patents combined hat rack and table.

March 30, 1870 - Fifteenth Amendment ratified, guaranteeing voting rights to African Americans

March 31, 1988 - Toni Morrison wins Pulitzer Prize for Beloved.

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