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Here is wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2010.

Barack - the year in review
OK, I drank the Kool Aid. Barack, you told us it was time for a change and I believed you. I'd seen what the last administration and their ilk had put us through for 8 years. At 11 PM on 11/4/08 I cheered and cried just as much as a lot of others. But as I look back over 2009 I have to admit some disappointment in how your administration has responded to the challenges it has been met with. I freely admit that I don't know everything you have had to deal with, so all I have is perception. But in politics, perception is reality. If we perceive that the Democratic Party does not have the testicular fortitude to come together, pimp slap Joe Lieberman for going against his former party every chance he gets, and keep their petty squabbles behind closed doors (like the Republican Party) to show a united front, guess what, they don't have it. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that in the midterm elections later this year the Democrats are going to get waxed like a showroom BMW. Over the next 6-8 months those on the chopping block will cry the blues and claim that they did their best. They did not, they acted like a bunch of 3rd graders trying to get teacher's attention. And you know it.
The Healthcare Debate
You knew the Republican Party was not going to let you just rewrite Healthcare without a fight. Heck, they wouldn't let you define the moon as a heavenly body orbiting the earth without a fight. We all knew that. The problem with trying to reform the Healthcare system is that nobody has adequately and succinctly defined the problem, other than the generic, "costs are rising". You gave a speech where you laid out what you felt were the solutions, (the infamous You Lie speech), but you never articulated what the problem is. People laughed at Ross Perot's charts, but his charts illustrated the problem. No one has done that with Healthcare. Not you and not them nutjobs across the aisle. Everyone has their own opinion of what the problem is and no one necessarily wrong, the problem is so jacked up and so complex that everyone can pick a issue and roll with it. You come up with a solution to problem 4 and someone says it doesn't address problem 2. Mr. President, you need to articulate the problem and get everyone's agreement on that. Then you start listing the solutions.
It's nice to think that we are the hardest working, strongest, bravest, smartest, most compassionate people on the planet. Yeah, it would be nice. Your first year in office showed a side we don't like to talk about. There were the Teabaggers, who didn't have much to say, wore some really crazy hats and got blasted for not thinking of a better name or at least not Googling the one they had before putting it all over their cards. There were the Birthers, who shouted "Show your birth certificate! Show your birth certificate!" Most major papers did just that, and they shouted "Show your birth certificate! Show your birth certificate!" Then there was Sarah Palin and her Death Panels. Yeah, right. People came to town hall meetings with the singular purpose of creating noise so that no one could communicate intelligently. Think about that. People so afraid of change they would rather stay on the upper deck of the sinking Titanic because they have a good seat. These are the same people who protested the "Death Tax" a few years back, even though it had no impact on them at all. There is one undeniable, unavoidable, unflattering truth you have to face: we stupid.
We so stupid, we almost elected a President who chose as his #2 a woman who can't figure out what she reads, where she lives or who is the real America.
We so stupid, we believed a conspiracy was started 40+ years ago to get you into the White House.
We so stupid, when Rush said he hopes you fail we was like Yeah! Um, huh?
We so stupid, we went to town hall meetings and said we don't want no government run healthcare (Medicare is apparently run by illegal immigrants so it don't count)
We so stupid, we believed that the government would actually come to grandma's house and ask how did she want to die.
We so stupid, when Joe Wilson yelled "You Lie!" he was wrong, we knew he was wrong, but still donated to his campaign.
We so stupid, we believe you a Muslim.
We so stupid, we think the attacks on your administration have nothing to do with racism.
We so stupid, we think Michael Steele has a clue.
Bru, we stupid.
Need I say more?
I neglected to speak on the Tiger Woods drama last month. Not much to say, homey was wrong. He apparently was with 9 women besides his wife. That a lot. That's the Brady Bunch. All of them including Alice. I can't condone or defend that. What bothers me is how all of "his homeys" and apparently everybody who wants another 15 minutes decide they have to publicly show support for him. What's that mean, they condone his actions? They understand why he did it? He still down with the fellas in addition to OPP? Bru, or whatever he his, is worth what, a billion?, he got kids, he's in his early thirties and he cheated on his wife. Stupid don't get much deeper than that. Well, maybe for all them who "support him". Ron "I like to beat up fans" Artest went so far as to post an open letter on his website calling Tiger a "stand up guy". He also says Tiger is a perfect role model for him and his kids. That's weird in a Brokeback sorta way. And it's also probably fake. What has Tiger done? He plays golf and stays away from controversy. OK, maybe he and Ron are personal friends. Then send him a letter personally. My son do something and have to go before a judge, I'm there. My boy do it, he on his own.

Last week, the Indianapolis Colts, 14-0 on the season, 23-0 regular season win streak, got beat by the New York Jets, pretty much because in the 3rd quarter, with the Colts up 15-10, their coach, Jim Caldwell, pulled his starters. His rationale was that he didn't want his starters to get hurt in a needless game and their goal is not an undefeated season, but a Superbowl Championship. Sounds good. But if the coach really felt it was not worth it to pursue a perfect season of 16-0, he should have pulled his starters as soon as they clinched a first round playoff bye and home field advantage a few weeks ago. He did not. If he felt the Jets game was not worth winning at the expense of possibly getting one of his starters hurt, why did they play the first half and halfway through the third quarter? In postgame interviews, QB Peyton Manning said he knew this was a possibility IF THEY WERE AHEAD IN THE 3RD QUARTER. What if they were behind, would the starters have been left in? My theory, he felt the game was won, he pulled his starters. Good move, but when you 14-0, 16-0 is worth risking an injury for. This is football, not marbles. Especially since you know you have a bye week at the end of the season and all your playoff games are home. Anyway, 34 seconds after he pulled his starters it became pretty obvious to everyone in the stadium, including the Jets. that the Colts were in trouble. That's when you put the starters back in and close the show. It's only my and a mess of Colt fan's opinion, but he jerked Peyton Manning out of a potential perfect 16-0 regular season along with the Superbowl ring he has a very good chance of getting. Reminds me of the scene from The Longest Yard where Burt Reynolds asks the old inmate if getting life in prison was worth hitting a guard for. His answer: "Yeah". Instead, if they mail it in this week, then have their bye week, they will enter their first playoff game having not won a game in 4 weeks. Um, bru? Ever heard of momentum? Not to mention, with absolutely nothing to play for this week, how many Colts do you think will play hard? And that's when folk get hurt. In addition, if they happen to meet the Jets in the playoffs, they come into Indianapolis knowing they were the first team to beat the Colts in the regular season since the middle of last season. Yeah, coach. Good move. Heck, even the league is looking into it now.

But this is just one man's opinion. Got one of your own? Hit me back at


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