With NFL camps opening up nationwide, agents are rushing to get their clients signed and into camp. Or are they? Some agents choose to practice the negotiating skill of holding out. Personally, holdouts usually cause tension between the athlete and team owners and coaches, and in today's NFL with an abundance of free agents, tension is the last thing you should want for your client.

Those agents and sports management firms that have already solidified the contractual deals for their clients are now concentrating on next year's recruitment efforts. Prospect lists have been created based on last year's top performers and this year's pre-season predictions. Some publications have even put out their 2000 NFL Mock Draft report.

This year's best of the best in college football with analyze the track records of agents who wish to represent them by looking at who they currently represent and in what rounds their clients were drafted. Unfortunately, in this business, image is everything. Household names and top round prospects attract others of similar caliber. Every now and then a top round prospect will select an agent based on his/her personal credibility and will to provide superior client service. With a credible team of personable professionals and a 1999 7th pick in the first round of the NBA Draft, First Round Sports, Inc. looks move ahead of the recruitment game by taking care of its current clients and spreading the words of sports management and personal wisdom to future prospects.

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