My tooth is loose and shaking

Can I eat what mom is baking?

I move it around to make it wiggle

Ow! That hurt's so I do not giggle

It's going under my pillow, no doubt.

When the tooth fairy comes

I hope she doesn't bring gum.

I would like some money to keep

I'm sure she'll bring it, soon as I'm asleep

I'll dream about my favorite toy

I can buy it tomorrow, Boy ! Oh Boy!

The Time has come RECESS RHYMES is now available as a book to the public!

If you read the column and loved it, the book is a collection of 25 great poems.

Starting 1 June 2000, Recess Rhymes can be ordered directly from the publisher for $10.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. Only Virginia Residents add 4.5% taxto their order. SEND TO: Kalona Publishing, P.O. Box 2707, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Books will be available Online at Borders.com & Amazon.com in Early July 2000 at Retail price of $13.95 so ORDER NOW and SAVE.


Sharon Johnson, is a refreshing newcomer to the wonderful world of children's authors. Sharon's book, Recess Rhymes, is just in time for the invigorating summer fun kids are waiting for. Sharon's understanding of children began during her college career, where she studied child psychology, focusing on the area of physical and social behaviors. She volunteered many years of her time assisting children. Sharon holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, but she has always dedicated her life to children and to better understanding how to encourage children to enjoy reading. Today, Sharon would like to offer the book to subscribers of Theblackmarket.com prior to its public release. This book is a magnificent piece of work. Approriate reading for young children, ages 7 -12 years, but many adults find they are reminiscing on their childhood mischief as they read the stories. The book contains many funny incidents in school, strange daydreams, and tales of bullies who are not so tough. Reading should be fun and Recess Rhymes has children anxiously waiting to read the next story. Your child will love the amusing situations as each story unfolds.

What Children are saying..

" I like all the stories", Keisha Younger Age 8 , Silver Spring , MD

" The doggy doo story made me laugh" , Giana Sideris Age 12, Gaithersburg, MD

" I like the Cut the Cheese rhyme", Naeemah Sims, Age 9, Newport News, VA

"I liked the kid afraid of the dark and wetting his bed", Derrick Johnson , Age 7, Lakeridge, VA



DISCOUNT: $ 3.98

Total Cost: $10 each

To all the Readers of my column Recess Rhymes, I would like to thank you for your support and email. Those who enjoyed the column now have the opportunity to enjoy the book "Recess Rhymes". What I will do from here is keep on writing for the enjoyment of children. It has been a productive and fun filled year writing for you. As I go forth on book signings and engagements to speak with children, If ever I'm in your area stop by and say Hello.


Your friend & poet ,
Sharon Johnson

Opinions and comments can be sent to Sharon Johnson at SJKalona@worldnet.att.net

Thanks, I appreciate any comments.

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